Corporate Services: 3 Must-have Skills of a Corporate Secretary in Thailand

Nowadays, developing countries such as Thailand are offering many lucrative investment opportunities. Being the second largest economy in Southeast Asia with 94% adult literacy rate, no wonder why many entrepreneurs are setting up a business in Thailand [Knoema].

However, business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs should consider various factors before establishing a business in this country. And, one factor is choosing the right company secretary.

Would you like to know what are the characteristics needed for a company secretary in Thailand? Read on through this blog and learn the ideal traits of a company secretary.

Qualities to Look for when Hiring a Company Secretary

Operating an offshore company in a foreign country means that business operations must be in accordance with the local corporate laws. For companies operating in Thailand, they must have company secretaries who are knowledgeable about basic local corporate laws. This is to ensure that offshore company operations are in line with the country’s corporate policies.

In addition, having the right corporate secretary also improves offshore company operations by acting as the liaison between department heads and shareholders. Now, the greatest advantage is that a business can find a good company secretary through corporate services. They have localised contacts that can help businesses and/or companies find the right individual for corporate secretarial needs.

Finding the Right Corporate Secretary in Thailand

Corporate secretaries are in charge of the setting up shareholders meetings. So, he or she must have a keen sense of time. This is to ensure that the meeting flows in line with the scheduled program.

Here are some traits that corporate secretaries should ideally possess.

Ability to Plan Ahead

Scheduling shareholder meetings is one of the primary functions of a company secretary.  So, it is necessary to employ a person with the ability to plan ahead. This is to ensure that he or she can schedule a meeting between shareholders, investor and business partners despite their busy schedule.

Knowledgeable about Current Corporate Laws

There can be changes to certain corporate guidelines that are meant to improve the current corporate environment in Thailand. Candidates for the corporate secretarial role should be up-to-date with the current company laws. They can provide advice and recommendations pertaining to proper corporate practices.

Good Communication Skills

Sometimes, miscommunication can occur between the employees, company owners and investor due to busy work schedules. But, having a reliable company secretary with the right communication skills and corporate governance experience ensures that they can make sound decisions and settle disputes quickly.

Hire the Right Company Secretary in Thailand

Thailand’s government focus on international trade further bolsters the country’s economy.

Entrepreneurs venturing into this jurisdiction are advised to take advice from reliable corporate service providers. They can help find a corporate secretary with the right qualities for the company.

Look for a trusted corporate service agency today for corporate secretarial needs.


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