Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

Desfran is one of the few international firms that specialises in turnkey solutions.

We are adept at handling the various steps of setting up a brokerage. From advisory and implementation, to technological platform management and tie-ups with payment service providers, we build solutions specific to objectives.

Bridge & Technology Provider

Provides credit risk management by keeping the credit risk exposure within acceptable parameters

Legal & Compliance

Desfran’s experienced consultants provide advice on the legal aspects of the specific FX regulations of each jurisdiction.

Liquidity Provider

Desfran connects brokerages to quality liquidity providers for updated access to the FX market with a competitive edge.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Label

This platform is one of the most comprehensive, efficient, and quick trading platforms that leverages on innovative technologies to provide turnkey solutions for FX Brokers to manage and streamline their business.

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

We believe in growing with our clients and building lasting relationships. It is vital for FX brokerages to manage both existing clients and leads efficiently.

Physical Office Set-up

With our strong presence in many regions over the world, Desfran establishes physical offices with efficiency and cost-effectiveness for brokerages.

Brokerage Set-Up w SOP & Documentation

With the strict regulations on FX brokerages and trading across many countries, our team of experienced consultants ensures a smooth application process.

IT Infrastructure

With our customised website solutions and IT infrastructure support, you will experience a seamless, low latency, and user-friendly trading process.

Your one-stop cross-border service provider

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