Seychelles Securities Dealer License

Desfran provides a turnkey solution for financial licensing. To facilitate your process of applying for a Seychelles Securities Dealer license, we will:

  • Promote your application to the Seychelles regulators
  • Assist with answering questions regarding the application process and requirements
  • Draft and review application documents and questionnaires
  • Follow up with the application and ensure the submission of additional information required by the related departments in Seychelles


The Seychelles Securities Act 2007 contains provisions that regulate all relevant SDL holders. As a holder of an SDL, you can thereby engage in the following activities:

  • Securities investment counseling
  • Investment portfolio management
  • Investment analysis and forecasting

Capital Requirement

Minimum capital deposit of USD 50,000.
Physical Presence

Representative Office – The Financial Services Authority (FSA) will not grant a license to a securities dealer until the applicant hires at least one individual who has a representative license in accordance with Section 52 of the Law.

Business Plan

Desfran shall seek to understand your business activities and goals to assist with your business plan drafting that best encompasses this whilst still being compliant with the prevailing regulations. Desfran shall also advise on the possible questions that might be posed by the regulator.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence is necessary to formally verify the identity of all clients of the firm. The following documents are required to conduct due diligence for the license application:

  • A copy of the photo page of the passport ceritifed by a notary public for each director and shareholder;
  • A copy of proof of address (issued within the last 3 months) by a notary public for each director and shareholder;
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  • Business Plan;
  • Financial Forecast;
  • Organisation Chart;
  • For company directorship or shareholdership, a certified copy of the constitution documents of the company and above details on each director and shareholder of the company;
  • Other supporting document when necessary.
Please note for a company listed on a major stock exchange or subject to regulatory supervision in a country with equivalent AML regulations to Seychelles, evidence of such listing or regulation will suffice in place of the above information. Where the directors to be appointed are employees of such a listed or regulated company, a certified passport copy and confirmation of employment (to include position) will suffice.
  • A completed application form;
  • Receipt of payment of the corresponding registration fee;
  • Certified copies of the constituent documents of the applicant;
  • The audited financial statements of the applicant for the last 2 years, if the applicant has not been registered in the past 12 months;
  • A personal questionnaire filled out by each director, senior official, individual shareholder and beneficial owner of the applicant;
  • The latest audited financial statements of the controlling owners of the applicant, if the controlling owner is not an individual;
  • Application form for a license representative;
  • Notice of the place of storage of the Register of Securities in accordance with Section 80 (2) (a) of the Law “On Securities” of 2007 and Appendix 1, Form 6 of the Regulation “On Securities (Forms and Fees)” of 2008;
  • Written notification of the representative in accordance with section 53 of the Securities Act 2007;
  • A copy of the insurance policy (corresponding to the proposed nature and size of the business) of the applicant.

The Seychelles Financial Services Authority is the autonomous regulatory body responsible for the non-bank financial services in the Seychelles. Established under the Financial Services Authority Act, 2013, the Authority is responsible to license, regulate, enforce regulatory and compliance requirements, monitor and supervise the conduct of business in the non-bank financial services sector in Seychelles. These regulated activities are Fiduciary Services, Capital Market & Collective Investment Schemes, Insurance, Gambling. The Authority is also responsible for the registration of International Business Companies, Foundations, Limited Partnership and International Trust in the Seychelles.

Desfran assists with the complete licensing application. Contact us to find out more about the Seychelles company registration and forex license application. Our team of experts will get back to within the next business day.

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