IT infrastructure (Server Management)

IT infrastructure (Server Management)

DesFran works with trusted IT experts for customised website solutions which include website hosting, database server software, scripting software, website design and maintenance. With our customised website solutions and our IT infrastructure support, you will experience a seamless and user-friendly trading process.

The right IT infrastructure is essential not just for bridging businesses to liquidity providers, but also to provide a trading experience that is secure and with low latency. DesFran offers customised solutions ranging from being a single point-of-contact for all IT-related issues and changes, to Website Creation, Managing Bridge and Technology Providers and Platform Management.

DesFran’s platform management services include the creation of custom Meta-Trader bridges, MT4 white-label, alternative front-end trading platforms and reduced latency with server co-location, catered specifically to each business’s strategic goals and cost considerations.

More about MT4:
MT4 includes all elements needed to perform brokerage services, while MT4 Bridge simplifies the seamless assimilation of your selected liquidity into MT4 and provides real-time hedging and execution. You will benefit from the superior liquidity and low latency execution.

More about MT4 White Label Solutions:
DesFran provides tailored MT4 White Label Solutions that includes assistance in product restructuring, setting up customer support services, and platform launching.

Finding the most suitable bridge and technology provider(s) is all the more challenging with the fast progressions within the FX industry. With our knowledge on the advantages and costs to create and maintain the different technologies, DesFran helps to improve a company’s bottom line effectively and efficiently. Our combination of service, resources and technology is aimed to not just help businesses gain a competitive edge, but also remain ahead of the game.

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