Brokerage Licence

Brokerage Licence


A wide range of regulatory issues for financial institutions, global corporations, professional bodies and small-to-medium enterprises.

We believe that clients should end up with a Corporate Service Provider who delivers. We provide regular updates to our clients and industry on proposed or implemented amendments to regulations and statutes and more importantly, how they can impact client business.

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The Most Common Blindspot Companies Fail to Observe When Applying for a Brokerage Licence

Applying for a Brokerage Licence can seem to be one of the easiest items to cross off a checklist, however as a first-time applicant, you might not be aware of the potential pitfalls. Price comparisons are usually the first consideration, but when one is applying for a reputable licence such as the FCA UK licence, the authorities’ due diligence cannot be underestimated. For any rejections, it would take twice the amount of effort to get approval on the next try. This is something that most first-time applicants are not aware of. 

 Timeline for Brokerage Licence Approvals

At Desfran, we have more than a decade of experience helping clients obtain brokerage licences across the jurisdictions that our partners and us operate in. Brokerage licences vary across jurisdictions – for example, to obtain a licence as reputable as the FCA UK licence mentioned above, Desfran has consistently helped our clients achieve approval within 6 months, depending on clients’ background and submitted compliance. For licences similar to the NFA licence, Desfran could deliver the licence within 3 days.

Credibility, Network and Experience Across the World

As one of the few international consultancy firms specialising in foreign exchange (FX) brokerage licensing services, Desfran has more than 15 years of experience assisting brokers in achieving specific FX licences and authorisations to lawfully operate FX brokerages and/ or investment firms across more than 30 jurisdictions. We have served more than 500 financial clients and 5000 corporate clients over the past decade of operations around the world. This expertise is particularly valuable with the strict regulations on FX brokerages and trading across many countries, with FX regulations drafted and monitored stringently by various regulatory bodies. With our network of global partners, Desfran is well-equipped to start full-fledged brokerages catered to specific business plans and regulations.

  • Professional Consultation
  • Comprehensive Business Plan
  • Formation of Legal Entity
  • Regulatory and Licensing Registration
    • AFS Licence (Australia)
    • IFSC Licence (Belize)
    • CySEC Licence ( Cyprus)
    • FSPR (New Zealand)
    • FCA Licence (United Kingdom)
  • Integration and Technology
  • Liquidity Enhancement
  • Corporate Branding
  • Website Development
  • Marketing Strategy Execution
  • Customer Onboarding

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