We understand that businesses and licensed brokerages are regulated and maintained within strict laws in each jurisdiction / government body. Being able to assure clients of consumer protection, reliability, and security is an advantage of high value. We offer a complete suite of solutions as well as strategic planning and counsel to help organisations achieve their goals and needs.

Corporate Services

Maintain proper secretarial records to ensure your company complies with its legal duties.

Alternative Investment Licence

Alternative investments include private equity, hedge funds, commodities, derivatives contracts and real estate.

Banking Licence

A legal prerequisite for a financial institution that wants to carry on a banking business.

Insurance Licence

We provide three types of insurance licence, direct insurers, reinsurers, and captive insurers.

Brokerage Licence

One of the few international consultancy firms that specialises in FX licensing services, DesFran has many years of experience in assisting brokers in achieving specific FX licences.

Fund Licence

Mutual funds are a collective investment scheme in which the company raises and manages into capital markets products.

Remittance Licence

Transferred to another party often as payment for invoices or money sent back to a person’s home country.

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