Bridge & Technology Provider

Bridge & Technology Provider

Some of the major causes of financial institutional problems are: lax credit standards for borrowers and counterparties, poor portfolio risk management, and a lack of attention to changes in economy. It is crucial for FX brokerages to effectively manage inherent portfolio credit risk in addition to the risk in individuals’ credits or transactions.
DesFran’s credit risk management maximises risk-adjusted rates of return by keeping the credit risk exposure within acceptable parameters as a critical component to long-term success and stability.

Strategies include:

  • Custom-risk reporting to detect and prevent predatory trading, scalping and latency arbitrage
  • Development and implementation of basic and advanced market-making algorithms
  • Collaboration with non-bank liquidity providers to improve ROI of externally-managed risk
  • Development and stress-testing of best-practice internal risk-management policies and procedures
  • 24/5 dealing capability

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