A 3-Step Guide to Acquire the Right Shelf Company in Indonesia

Indonesia remains one of the strongest economies in Southeast Asia. Foreign direct investments in the country reached $32.34 billion by the end of 2017 [Indonesia Foreign Investment]. The positive business outlook highlights the country’s strong foreign business policies. Therefore, it encourages many foreign business owners to incorporate and operate their companies in Indonesia.

So, if you are a savvy business owner looking to venture in Indonesia in the best way possible, incorporating a shelf company could be a great option. Shelf companies are ideal for investors who are looking to set up their company quickly and operate it immediately.

What can be the benefits of acquiring an aged corporation or ready-made companies? Uncover more on this blog and learn the process of getting the right shelf corporate entity for your business.

Understanding the Process of Acquiring Shelf Companies

Apparently, there are many available shelf companies in Indonesia where investors can dedicate their resources. Getting a ready-made or off-the-shelf company can help you establish a company’s presence and form mutually beneficial relationships with local investors.

However, choosing and acquiring the right shelf company will also require a lot of time and effort, especially when you are unfamiliar with Indonesia’s corporate guidelines. Apart from that, there are also processes of acquiring shelf companies.

So, what are the necessary steps to take when acquiring a shelf company?

3 Steps to Acquire a Shelf Company in Indonesia

Listed below are the 3 simplified steps in acquiring an Indonesian-based aged corporation.

Identify the Corporate Entity’s Size

Entrepreneurs must first identify the size and scope of their business. This ensures that business owners can acquire the right aged corporation for the company’s size.

Provide the Necessary Shareholder Information

Before, incorporating a shelf corporation, business owners must provide the necessary data to the Indonesian corporate authorities. This includes the data of shareholder nominees, a Memorandum of Association for limited liability companies, and, in some instances, corporate secretary information.

Finding a Reliable Corporate Service Provider

Corporate service agencies can assist entrepreneurs to acquire a shelf company. They provide a list of aged corporate entities that are ideal for the corporation’s size. A team of corporate experts can assist in processing statutory files that assures a precise and timely outcome.

Additionally, they also offer corporate services which can help businesses throughout the incorporation process. These include corporate secretarial services, executive hiring solutions, and accounting and auditing services.

Consider Which Option of Incorporation in Indonesia

Looking to establish a business out of your own home country can seem imposing as there are a number of options to consider. It will always be wise to seek advice from corporate service experts to help you align your business objectives with offshore incorporation.



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