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Thailand’s stable economy has opened up innumerable opportunities for business and investments. The tax benefits, access to a huge workforce, and the chance to explore a new market venture made foreign investors set their sights on this country.

But, one of the top reasons for registering up an offshore business in Thailand is the relatively low setup cost. The registration of a company as a legal entity would cost approximately $166.50 – $8,005 (THB 5,191.80-THB 249,611) plus the Memorandum of Association approval. Additionally, the acquisition of a foreign business costs approximately $1,984 (THB 61,865).

However, establishing an offshore business can be tedious and challenging, thus it will be good that you find a right company formation services provider. Read on to understand how a company formation services provider can help you with the registration process and how to qualify them.

Getting the Right Company Formation Services for Thai-based Businesses

Usually, a company formation service provider helps you guide in setting up a business in your chosen location. This includes the registration process as well as the documents needed in forming a company.

If you want to set up a business in Thailand, make sure to get the right company formation agent and know how you can qualify.

How to Qualify for a Company Formation in Thailand

Choosing the right provider should be a straightforward undertaking once you know what services you are looking for.

So here are the services that a foreign company formation agent provide that helps to ease your business registration in Thailand.

Business Advisory Service

Setting up a business offshore can be a daunting task due to being unfamiliar with the governing laws and other unforeseen barriers in the target country. Thus, offshore company formation service agents offer business advisory solutions and guide to help clients be successful in their foreign companies. Their expertise in the country’s business laws and sound advice can help in having a relatively easy registration and set up process.

Shelf company

A shelf company is a quick way to setup an offshore business in Thailand. It is a dormant company that has not yet met the requirements such as having a Thai shareholder. These companies are void of liabilities or any debts, therefore, business activities can immediately be started. Foreign business formation agents providing shelf company services will help you have a quicker and easier company formation in Thailand.

Bank Account Opening

When forming a company, it is convenient to have access to corporate needs with just one service provider. An agent that offers bank account opening corporate services is a strong indicator of business expertise and foresight on their end. Offshore bank accounts allow a business to simplify the procedure for money transfer and trading accounts. It minimises the obstacles to the free movement of funds of your business in the jurisdiction.

Contact an Expert on Offshore Company Formation Today

Thailand is a place brimming with opportunities for investors globally. But, without a solid background in its business climate or foreign registration laws, an offshore business may experience pitfalls. So, when looking for a company setup service, remember to look at their expertise on Thailand’s governing business rules.

Get a FREE consultation with a trusted company formation service solutions today. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to set up an offshore business in Thailand.



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