Licenses for Sale/Acquisition

Licenses for Sale/Acquisition

Applying for new licenses can take time and incur more cost than taking over an existing licence. Purchasing a readily saleable financial licence not only save time and sometimes, cost.  

Readily Available Licenses for Sale

We have an array of licenses ready to sell according to your specific needs – From Forex to Trading. Having experience with companies of various sizes and in multiple jurisdictions, these exchanges are highly regulated, audited, and, in some cases, certified.

Purchasing financial licences can be one of the most complex and comprehensive processes in the sector. Over the years, Desfran has developed a rigorous certification and execution process that makes the acquisition procedure seamless and hassle-free for our clients.

Acquiring Existing Financial Licence

If you have a financial licence to sell, Desfran can assist you with the sale. Having over a decade of experience in financial licence transactions, we have an extensive network around the world that is able to connect you with a prospective buyer. On top of that, our consultants follow through the sale procedure ensuring paper works, filings and submission of appropriate documentation are thoroughly completed.

Currently Available Licenses

Hong Kong SFC License (Type 1,2,4,5,9)

Corporate Information Place of Incorporation Hong Kong Corporate History Since 2008 Business Nature SFC Regulated business SFC Regulated Activities Type 1 – Dealing in Securities Type 2 – Dealing in Futures Contracts Type 4 – Advising on Securities Type 5 – Advising on Futures Contracts Type 9 – Asset Management Shareholding Structure BVI holding Company

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South Africa Financial Service Provider (FSP) Forex License

Category I: A Category I FSP renders financial services other than Discretionary FSP, Hedge Funds FSP, Administrative FSP (Insurance Contracts or Policies) and Assistance Business FSP. Category Description  Advice Automated Advice Non-automated Intermediary Scripted  Intermediary Other CATEGORY 1         Shares       x Money market instruments       x Debentures

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UK Authorised Payment Institution (API) License

FCA Permissions: a) Services enabling cash placement on a payment account b) Services enabling cash withdrawals from a payment account c) Execution of payment transactions (not covered by a credit line) d) Execution of payment transactions (covered by a credit line) e) Issuing payment instruments or acquiring payment transactions f) Money remittance A ‘passport’ enables

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Profile of an SFC Licensed Corporation 證監會持牌公司的資料

Type of Licence (RA) Type 1,2,4,5,9 Licence Conditions Type 1, Dealing in Securities (HK Stock Trading, US Stock Trading, Margin Financing) Type 2, Dealing in Futures Contracts (HK Futures and Options, Global Futures and Options.) Type 4, Advising on Securities Type 5, Advising on Futures Contracts Type 9, Asset Management (For Type 9 regulated activity,

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Singapore MAS Registered Fund Management Company (RFMC)

Permissible Activities: Carrying on business in fund management with no more than 30 qualified investors (of which no more than 15 may be funds or limited partnership fund structures) AND the total value of the assets managed does not exceed S$250 million. Details of this transaction 1. The Firm was incorporated in 2019, licensed in

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Full Estonian Crypto Exchange License

Provide virtual currency wallet & exchange between fiat/crypto service providers and end-users. The owner is currently based in Spain while the company is registered in Estonia. Have a registered EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) trademark. The platform is fully tested and ready to be launched and promoted. All the compliance are up to date.

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