[SOLD] Hong Kong SFC License (Type 1,2,4,5,9)

Corporate Information

Place of IncorporationHong Kong
Corporate HistorySince 2008
Business NatureSFC Regulated business
SFC Regulated Activities

Type 1 – Dealing in Securities

Type 2 – Dealing in Futures Contracts Type 4 – Advising on Securities

Type 5 – Advising on Futures Contracts

Type 9 – Asset Management
Shareholding StructureBVI holding Company and UBO
License Restriction(s)/Condition(s)

The licensee shall only provide services

to professional investors.
Existing Operational headcount:

6 approx:

Including 3 (RO) and 3 (LR)
Office ObligationRental till 2022
Monthly office operational expenses250-300k HKD
Operating P&LBreakeven to slight positive
Latest NAV4m HKD approximate (mostly cash)
Asking PremiumTBD

Online trading system/platform (Y)


No disciplinary records


Just completed SFC inspection in 2020

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