Full Estonian Crypto Exchange License

  • Provide virtual currency wallet & exchange between fiat/crypto service providers and end-users.
  • The owner is currently based in Spain while the company is registered in Estonia.
  • Have a registered EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) trademark.
  • The platform is fully tested and ready to be launched and promoted. All the compliance are up to date.
  • Complies with all the new regulations that were introduced in Estonia and across Europe.
  • Capital share of EUR 12,000.
  • Through the CMS (Content Management System) software admin and internal staff can manage currencies, manage cryptocurrencies and leave automatic cryptocurrencies and currencies rate as is or manually adapt them, as per convenience.
  • Also possible to manage staff, by giving access to all or only a few functionalities (dashboard, manage users, subscribers, manage currencies, support tickets, marketing, withdrawal and deposit systems). Additionally, it is possible to add or subtract balances of any user, see complete transaction reports, users and statistics, ban users or IP address, manage plugins and extensions like Google Analytics, Google Recaptcha 3 and Tawk Chat, language manager as admin can setup unlimited languages and unlimited translations (website, user emails), manage transaction fees for each type of operation, manage API for external sellers or businesses, maintain individual and enterprise accounts, and KYC and AML verification enabled through identifying official software via API.
  • Platform is secured with all the security features: including protection from DDos attacks, email filter, IP filter, OTP SMS and 2FA authentication among others.
  • The cross-platform features (Website and mobile application) include deposit & withdrawal with any desired currency, exchange between fiat and cryptocurrencies, or vice versa, and also exchange between different cryptocurrencies, sending money to other users and double protection with personal code, creating vouchers so other users can redeem it, invoicing clients, requesting money from other users and viewing all the transactions.
  • The business can generate revenue from rates conversion and third party commissions on transactions. It’s very easy to set up all the types of commissions with automatic or manual rates via CMS. Have already entered into a contract with 5-10 banks to provide services.

  • Also willing to provide post-sales support and that includes direct contact with the developer team that designed the platform.

Products & Services Overview

Provide virtual currency wallet & exchange between fiat/crypto service providers and end-users.

Assets Overview

Buyer will receive intangible assets like the company website, Android application, iOS application (yet to be launched) and CMS platform.

Besides that, the buyer will receive custom technology, customer databases, domains, existing manufacturing relationships, hosting accounts, marketing materials and collateral, policy and process documents, registered trademarks, relevant email accounts, social media accounts, toll-free numbers, vendor contacts, and website files, and source code and content.


Note: Proof of funds required as well as KYC of potential entity or beneficial owner interested in purchasing this firm.

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